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11872, Split Hose Plunger Valve

This is a great replacement for the intex11872 dual split hose plunger valve. It is made of durable materials and will help to reduce the chances of the, "pool" getting clean when pool season starts. This particular model is easy to use and is perfect for using with or without a water sample capture device.

Intex Split Plunger Valve

The intex split plunger valve is a valve that allows water to be poured into cups or other containers using small cups that fit into the plunger. The valve is then used to open and the water be poured into the cups. This valve can help reduce the mess that is made when cleaning up pools.

Intex Split Hose Plunger Valve Leaking

Intex split hose plunger valve is leaking water. You can try to clean the valve with a vacuum cleaner or a hand-held pressure cleaner. You can also try to fix the leak by purchasing a new or used intex split hose plunger valve. intex split hose plunger valve is a great way to improve your pool's water quality. This valve is used tofuly or split the plunger material to create a more even flow of water. It's this even flow that allows the pool's water to be more clear and life-saving treatments to be used on the pool's water. the intex split pool plunger valve is a shut off valve that helps to prevent a hose from getting too close to the pool's water. It is white anodized aluminum and has a toggle switch for adding or subtracting air from the air supply. The valve is compatible with both the intex split pool and the intex pools. this product is a split hose plunger valve. It is used to adjust the pressure in a pool.